The KOTUG Canada Cadet & Trainee Program is based on parent company, Horizon Maritime Services Ltd.’s successful creation and implementation of its own program. 


The program supports the education and development of students, marine cadets, and Indigenous trainees as a way to identify new talent and prepare individuals for future, ongoing employment with KOTUG Canada once they graduate, or become Transport Canada certified. KOTUG Canada will facilitate this process by offering temporary work placements for Cadets and Indigenous Trainees to gain valuable work experience and sea time towards their marine certification. Additionally, KOTUG Canada may provide funding towards supplementary training courses to help facilitate the process where there is a perceived benefit to the student, trainee and company guidelines. 


Cadet Stream: Students who are enrolled full-time in a post-secondary marine program recognized by Transport Canada, and who will be returning on a full-time basis for the upcoming school term will be eligible for consideration for Cadet placement.


Indigenous Trainee Stream: KOTUG Canada wishes to draw upon the experience and training of members of Indigenous communities who may have previous marine training and experience from a career in the fishing or aquaculture sector. In such cases, KOTUG Canada’s HR department will evaluate candidates on a case-by-case basis to help connect individuals with supplementary training towards offshore certification and provide sea time opportunities.


For more information on KOTUG Canada’s Indigenous Cadet & Trainee Program, or to apply for either streams, please contact