maritime excellence

KOTUG Canada benefits from the extensive nautical and technical knowledge of KOTUG International which culminates in its Maritime Excellence Center (MEC).


MEC's services include tug training, newbuilding support, nautical consultancy and technical consultancy.


Tug Training


‘Knowledge Ahead’ means improving industry know-how continuously and setting high standards. KOTUG has therefore developed its own standards of training and education. We train crews and educate new captains to operate all possible propulsion systems. Our captains can also be contracted by our clients to assist with special projects.


Training can take place in simulator centers across the globe and live on real ships. Some examples of the tug training:

  • Training crews (with or without simulator)

  • ‘Sail in port’ awareness course (ship captains)

  • ‘Sail in port’ awareness course with BRM module

  • Training for companies ordering a new Rotortug

  • Formal training and examination

  • Objective assessment of captains

  • End to end training plans for entire crews





Innovation is the focus of KOTUG Maritime Excellence Center, where all KOTUG innovations, like the Hybrid Rotortug 2.0 development or the KO-LINK, have been developed and managed.


We provide innovative solutions to technical and operational issues like propulsion, fuel systems, emissions and towing equipment in order to optimise the tug and fleet configuration to suit any job perfectly.




Nautical Consultancy


Our expert advice can be applied to all situations involving use of tugs, from designing port and terminal layouts to determining procedures for waterborne transport projects.

We can pre-test and simulate operations to provide essential evidence for decisions on infrastructure design and choice of tugs.

  • Advice on (new) port / terminal layout
  • Simulating port layouts and assessing the type and number of tugs required
  • Simulating various scenarios in tug boat configuration
  • Assessing the best tug type to match project requirements
  • Towage consultancy for special marine transport projects
  • Simulation and calculation of special marine transport projects.

Our tow masters can assist in the execution of the simulated scenarios and provide advice and execution of marine safety cases.



Technical Consultancy


The Maritime Excellence Center supports ship owners in optimizing and improving the technical standards of their assets.


Our Maritime Excellence Center can also help to analyze the performance of fleets and consult on how to improve effectiveness and efficiency, e.g.:

  • Docking support (on-site and remote)
  • Vessel inspections and assessments against set standards (incl. reporting)
  • Planned and preventive maintenance optimization
  • Defining the optimum maintenance strategy for your entire fleet
  • Analysis of fleet performance with analytical tools and/or dashboards
  • Providing advice on the most suitable tug composition within a certain operation or port



Maritime Excellence Center Brochure