KOTUG International and Horizon Maritime have built their reputations as innovative players in the maritime industry thanks to years of experience and applied knowledge. Sustainability and innovation form an important part of their business strategies which forms a solid base for KOTUG Canada to build on. 


We focus on development of new technologies, fleet optimization and continuous improvement of our technical and nautical expertise.


Rotortug and E-Kotug


Two of KOTUG International's most famous innovations are the Rotortug and the hybrid E-Kotug.


With the invention of the highly manoeuverable and powerful Rotortug in 1999, safety and efficiency of towage operations took a leap forward.


Reducing the carbon footprint was the logical next step, with the development of the hybrid Rotortug “E-KOTUG". The Infield Support Vessel (ISV) is a recent innovation, purpose-built for specialised and heavy-duty offshore support.




Zero-emission Heat Recycling System


KOTUG's latest green innovation is the Zero-Emission Heat Recycling System, which won a Maritime Innovation Award


This heat recycling system can be described as an accumulator that stores heat using the latest PCM technology and redistributes the heat when required. The system offers many economical, technical and environmental benefits, reducing shore power consumption with 50%, thus cutting CO2 emissions by half.




Take a virtual tour inside a hybrid Rotortug:


inside hybrid rotortug.JPG