terminal & HARBOUR towage



KOTUG Canada provides terminal towage assistance at port facilities as well as floating facilities such as FSO, FPSO, FLNG, FSRU, and SPM Terminals. Our services include escorting, berthing and safety cover, including firefighting and oil pollution control.


Our founding companies have vast experience with securely berthing and mooring of LNG carriers, support during cargo loading, port security services, pilot transfer and standby services.



Oil & Gas industry


We serve several clients in the Oil & Gas industry with specialised towage services such as FLNG and offshore assistance, for which we employ purpose-built ISVs (Infield Support Vessel) and Rotortugs. 





KOTUG Canada also provides towage services for clients in the mining industry, for example KOTUG operates in iron ore terminals in Australia and coal terminals in Africa. 






KOTUG Canada safely assists vessels from and to their berthing places. We are always ready with a dedicated 24/7 service.


Through our direct operations and in conjunction with our joint venture partners, KOTUG performs over 100,000 towage assistances per year. With modern and highly sophisticated tugs, we carry out operations safely and with a minimum number of tugs required per job.


Our customers can rely on the considerable experience operating in challenging environmental conditions of the founding companies.





Safe and efficient Terminal Operations


KOTUG understands the importance of mitigating all risks associated with terminal operations. A key element to ensuring safe operations is being experienced operating in challenging environmental conditions and having a well-trained and prepared crew.


Therefore, we have developed training programs which are based on a thorough understanding of tug and terminal behaviour, as well as years of field-practice.


These programs ensure that pilots, masters and crews are fully prepared to work together to meet project-specific safety, environmental, operational and emergency response requirements.


 Terminal Towage Brochure

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