As a result of ongoing investments in fleet capacity and sustainable technologies at both parent companies, Horizon and KOTUG,

KOTUG Canada is able to anticipate and exceed client requirements.


Scroll down to see the various types of boats of both KOTUG International and Horizon Maritime. We also build tailormade vessels for any situation.

We are always looking ahead at the latest market developments and technical innovations.




Our vessels are operated by a highly trained, dedicated crew and supported by a professional company management system.


Anchor Handling Azimuth Stern Drive Tug

High-spec 120 tonnes bollard pull Anchor-handling azimuth stern drive tug with DP2 and Fire Fighting 2 capabilities (7200 m³/Hr).


  • LENGTH: 50 metres
  • BEAM : 16 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 7.5 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 120 tonnes
  • FIFI: Fire Fighting Ship 2


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sd power@Piet Sinke 03-06-2021 (56).JPG

Anchor Handling Tug DP2 ASD

This high-spec 130 tonnes bollard pull, DP-2 azimuth anchor-handling tug is an offshore service vessel (Anchor handling, Towing). The vessel provides support to floating production and storage offloading units with towage assistance to export tankers, infield support duties and cargo duties.


  • LENGTH: 42.5 metres
  • BEAM : 15 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 6.30 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 130 tonnes
  • FIFI: Fire Fighting Ship 1


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RT Raven - small.jpg

Rotortug ART 100-46 Infield Support Vessel ISV

World’s most powerful Rotortug®, is the ART 100-46 RT Raven. The vessel is operated by Perth-based Kotug Maritime Services Australia Pty Ltd. The Infield Support Vessel (ISV) RT Raven is built to a Robert Allen design. She is a customized 46 metre-long, DP2, 100-tonnes bollard-pull Rotortug® for offshore support. She is designed and outfitted for operations in the Timor Sea, 500 km north-west of Darwin and 250 km south of East Timor. RT Raven has been specifically designed to meet the field’s unique marine service requirements which include tanker berthing and operations support, including emergency response.


  • LENGTH: 46 metres
  • BEAM : 16 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 7,83 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 100 tonnes
  • FIFI: Fire Fighting Ship 1 with Waterspray (back up Fifi 1/2)


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Horizon Polar Prince.jpg

Multifunctional Medium Duty Icebreaker

The Polar Prince maintains a long-established record for breaking out harbours and escorting ships through the ice encountered in the harsh Canadian Arctic environment. This vessel is classed as a medium duty icebreaker with Arctic Class 1+ and boasts significant strength due to its unique ice breaking bow, heavily reinforced cruiser stern, low intakes and heavy steering and propulsion.



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Star front.jpg

Multi-Purpose Field Supply and Construction Vessel

Classified as a Clean Design vessel, the Horizon Star complies with the most stringent requirements with regards to emissions to the air and discharges to the sea. Capability for Ice Management and Emergency Towing. Equipped with a 150t AHC crane capable of operations at 3,000 m depth and a S92 Helideck.


  • BOLLARD PULL : 90 tonnes
  • FIFI: 2


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Kuri Bay resized.jpg

Rotortug ART 100-42 Infield Support Vessel ISV

The Infield Support Vessel is specifically designed to support FLNG tanker berthing and offshore operations, including emergency response. The propulsion configuration enables the operator to continue to work longer in higher significant wave heights, always in control of its own tug and the assisted object. The ISVs are purpose-built to meet marine services requirements unique to FLNG Shell Prelude and the ConocoPhilips Bayu Undan Field.


  • LENGTH: 42 metres
  • BEAM : 16 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 7.40 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 100 tonnes
  • FIFI: 1 with waterspray


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Arctic NFLD.jpeg

Multi-Purpose Offshore Support Vessel/AHTS

Environmentally-friendly Clean Design class notation; equipped with a dual propulsion system can adapt power needs to the type of operation with diesel electric mode. Designed and equipped for advanced offshore support operations. Special Purpose Ship (SPS) notation and large, high standard accommodations for 60 persons


  • LENGTH: 93,6
  • BEAM : 24 meter
  • BOLLARD PULL : 307 tonnes


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Rotortug ART 80-32

The ART 80-32 design Rotortug features a 32.00 meter long vessel design with triple propulsion delivering up to 80 tonnes bollard pull. The ART (Advanced Rotor Tug) has been designed to provide operators with increased maneuvrability and redundancy with the RotorTug technology, as well as providing enhanced crew safety and comfort.


  • LENGTH: 31.95 metres
  • BEAM : 12.60 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 6.30 meters
  • BOLLARD PULL : 80 tonnes
  • FIFI: 1 (2400m^3/h) with water spray


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6 Horizon Enabler.jpeg

Multi-Purpose ROV & Light Construction Vessel

The Horizon Enabler is capable of supporting a variety of specialized marine applications and is designed for efficient and safe operations in harsh weather conditions; designed for inspection, maintenance and repair, drilling support and installation, light subsea construction, RPV support and flotel.



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RT Leader.jpg

Rotortug RT 80-32

KOTUG is the inventor of the Rotortug®, which uses a triangular propulsion configuration to provide improved vessel safety, power, efficiency and manoeuvrability. It provides total control with maximum redundancy and superior safety. The Rotortug has been recognized by ports and energy majors as a risk mitigation tool at ALARP (As Low As Reasonable and Practicable).


  • LENGTH: 32.00 metres
  • BEAM : 12.00 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 6.45 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 80 tonnes
  • FIFI: 1 (2400 m3 /hr ) with water spray


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Glacier and Aurora.jpeg

Ice-strengthened tugs

Ice-strengthened tugs perform towing, ice management, and general workboat services. Utilized for activities such as: coastal protection programs, tug and barge operations in specific nîches and supporting Canada’s oil sand projects in Alberta.



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sd salvor.jpg

Azimuth Stern Drive Tugs (SD)


  • LENGTH: 32 metres
  • BEAM : 11.60 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 5.36 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 67 tonnes
  • FIFI: 1


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KOTUG has adopted an active sustainable policy, which has resulted in our hybrid Rotortugs, the ‘E-KOTUG’. The ‘E-KOTUG’ has many sustainable advantages such as reduced emissions, fuel-efficiency and noise reduction, perfectly matching our environmental policy.


  • LENGTH: 31.95 metres
  • BEAM : 12.60 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 6.30 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 80 tonnes
  • FIFI: optional


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Azimuth Tractor Tugs (ZP)


  • LENGTH: 24.74 metres
  • BEAM : 12,00 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 6.45 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 70 tonnes
  • FIFI: optional


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RN Triton bewerkt.jpg

ICE class Tugs


  • LENGTH: 30 metres
  • BEAM : 11 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 4.50 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 45 tonnes
  • FIFI: 1


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Line Handler.jpg

Line Handlers


  • LENGTH: 10.67 metres
  • BEAM : 4.52 metres
  • DRAFT/ MAX : 1.7 metres
  • BOLLARD PULL : 4.1 tonnes
  • FIFI: 9 m3/hr


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