Kotug Canada supports the mission to seafarers

September 2, 2020

KOTUG Canada is a loyal supporter of the Mission to Seafarers enabling them to provide good shore based facilities and on-ship support to all seafarers, especially during the challenges for crew affected by the COVID-19 situation around the globe. Be it slightly different than other years, KOTUG Canada and colleagues of KOTUG International joined the yearly Cycling for Seafarers event in Vancouver, to put their great cause in the spotlights and inspire others.

The  goal of the Mission to Seafarers in Vancouver is the same it was when it all began in England in the 1830's; and that is to care for the spiritual, physical  and emotional needs of all seafarers and their families. Already before the world was captured by the COVID19 pandemic, seafarers were isolated from their families and the rest of society spending many months at sea. Due to the current restrictions many seafarers are stuck for even longer on their vessels. It are these same seafarers who bring us 90% of what we have. Needless to say that supporting them has become more important than ever.

This year we are riding together apart between the offices in Canada and the Netherlands, however still as One KOTUG, One Team. Because seafarers are keyworkers. Because quitting is not an option, and not in our dictionary.

Join the Mission to Seafarers at: https://www.flyingangel.ca/

KOTUG Canada is an international partnership of Horizon Maritime & KOTUG International.