Marine Services

KOTUG Canada offers tailor-made solutions with the provision of tugs and barges for various projects such as dredging, installation support, heavy transport and salvage support.

KOTUG Canada’s parent companies and partners combine extensive experience in providing tailor-made solutions for clients across Canada with suitable tugs, barges and other equipment.

With a versatile and powerful fleet, tailor-made tugboat designs with the highest attention to reduce operational cost and environmental impact, KOTUG Canada can provide customers across Canada with innovative and cost-effective solutions for icebreaking and management services.

KOTUG Canada can offer not only ice-breaking tugboats able to operate year-round in the most remote and harsh environments, but can also offer dedicated ice-breaking services across Canada, ensuring year-round ice-free ports and trade routes.  For instance, KOTUG Canada’s parent Horizon Maritime is presently providing ice-management to Suncor’s operations in Fort McMurray, Alberta at the oil sands operations, ensuring year-round ice-free dredge and ice management support.